Cultural Beliefs and Global Marketing by the Numbers

    September 22, 2014  by Editor  •  CMWCleveland Global Content Strategy Sessions
    Cultural Beliefs and Global Marketing by the Numbers
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    An American marketer might think nothing of a brochure that lists an item for $99.99, but in some cultures, the word nine is avoided like the plague, since it sounds like the word for “death.” We often take for granted that many buildings lack a floor 13, which is actually a good luck number in some cultures. And, we probably wouldn’t dream of taking flight number 666. What other numerical superstitions might be causing damage to your brand as it moves across the world? In this session, attendees will learn strategies for avoiding numerical mishaps, and will discover why language translation simply isn’t sufficient to transfer culturally relevant information from one market to another, let alone to bring a brand into a new market. After all, global content strategy encompasses much more than words.


    Nataly Kelly brings nearly two decades of translation industry experience to Smartling, most recently as Chief Research Officer at industry research firm Common Sense Advisory. Previously, she held positions at AT&T Language Line and NetworkOmni (acquired by Language Line), where she oversaw product development. A veteran translator and certified court interpreter for Spanish, she has formally studied seven languages, and is currently learning Irish.

    A former Fulbright scholar in sociolinguistics, Nataly lives in the Boston area with her husband and daughter, who was born on International Translation Day! When she isn’t working, you’ll usually find her translating Ecuadorian poetry, writing books, and exploring the world (36 countries and counting!). @natalykelly



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